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Delivering LOVEStv to three million homes

Cellnex Telecom is the main infrastructure operator for wireless telecommunication in Europe, operating from more that 28,000 sites.

Cellnex used Metaphor from Freesat to help broadcasters understand how they could thrive in an increasingly competitive TV market, with competitors closing in on all sides, but particularly online.

The challenge

Cellnex saw its broadcasting partners struggle for market share and advertising revenues, and knew it needed to offer customers a more compelling service through their TVs. In particular, viewers wanted On Demand and live restart capabilities.

In early 2018 Cellnex consulted its broadcasters individually and ascertained the needs and challenges for each. In light of this, Cellnex decided to fuse the platform experience across broadcasters, to optimise their ability to meet viewers’ demands. The approaching 2018 World Cup presented a deadline for launch.

The solution

Cellnex decided to create a platform, LOVEStv, that would use open source technology and, while based on Freesat’s platform, would exist as an app rather than a set-top box. It would deliver both a restart feature and the OTT services that customers wanted.

Metaphor’s product management team helped Cellnex to refine the LOVEStv product, applying branding to the interface and supporting versions in multiple languages. Within the Metaphor platform, a CMS was deployed to manage a customised recommendation service.

Freesat and Cellnex worked with other partners to standardise data ingest and enhance metadata — this was provided as software-as-a-service, running in a secure Google Compute environment. 

The result

Speed of delivery was paramount and with Metaphor and Cellnex having agreed terms in March 2018, the LOVEStv platform went live on 14 June.

Cellnex has since grown the number of devices running the platform and within a few weeks was able to reach TVs in potentially three million homes.


“We’ve got really good feedback from customers. I would recommend Freesat because I think it’s a stable and complete platform.”